Scott Laminating & Finishing recognizes your clients sometimes want something extra—something different.

We’ve developed and specialized in decorative coating applications designed to enhance the way you see printing. Our motto is “You can judge a book by its cover.” With our decorative coatings, we prove that “pop” is paramount, where making an impression is important to a print piece.

We offer a variety of coatings, all designed to highlight, accentuate, and decorate your printed material. From books, presentation folders, brochures, and business cards, we put the finishing touches on what you’ve designed and printed.


Our standard requirements for Flood and Spot U.V. coating:

  • Use only coated sheets.
  • All inks must be U.V. Compatible-allow 24-48 hours drying time. Ink drying times increase with using aqueous coating in offset printing process.
  • Press varnish and aqueous coatings must be a compatible primer and not an overcoat for U.V. coating. Wax-free inks and varnishes are strongly recommended. U.V. coating can only be applied to a single side soft-touch aqueous coated sheet. U.V. coating CANNOT be applied to both sides of a soft- touch aqueous coated sheet as this will cause chemical ghosting/burnishing of U.V. coated image. If printing on two sides, you may apply soft touch aqueous and U.V. coating to one side and use Satin aqueous as an alternative to the second side. For additional information, please call us.
  • Certain inks will not U.V. coat including Reflex Blue, Rhodamine Red, PMS purple, Rubine Red or other alkaline dies.
  • Metallic inks will not accept U.V. coatings. Imitation metallic inks are recommended but must be tested first.
  • Press powder sprays must be kept to a minimum to avoid “textured” or roughness in feel or appearance.
  • Standard U.V. coatings are not receptive to gluing, foil stamping, or labeling.
  • Gloss U.V. coating will fingerprint.
  • U.V. coating will crack on certain papers along scores and folds, especially when darker colors are present.
  • Always score after U.V. coating.
  • Press sheets need to have a 3/4″ gripper and 1/2″ from image to edge of sheet on the remaining three sides of sheet.
  • Spot pattern areas may vary up to 1/32″. Please consider this in your design layout.
  • Cast coated sheets such as Kromekote should not be U.V. coated without testing first.
  • For knockout areas, please provide a die line or draw down of the press sheet showing blocked out areas.
  • Testing may be required on sheets printed with inks from copiers, inkjets, and some digital machines to ensure compatibility.
  • When printing sheets off a web press, make sure slip additive (silicone) is turned off when sheeting. This step will ensure proper adhesion of U.V. coating to occur.

Tech Specs

Spot U.V. Minimum Sheet Size 12″ x 18″
Flood U.V. Minimum Sheet Size 8.5″ x 11″
Maximum Sheet Size 28″ x 40″
Paper Weight Minimum 100# litho
Paper Weight Maximum 24pt board


Ultraviolet (U.V.) coatings provide a striking type of coating on printed sheets. Offline U.V. coatings give more of a deluxe finish than traditional varnishes, aqueous coatings, and even inline spot U.V. coatings producing value added finishes.

Flood gloss U.V. provides either an overall high gloss or matte effect to a sheet. This process helps protect the sheet from scuffing and normal wear and tear of printed material.

Spot gloss U.V. is applied to specific locations on printed material. Designed to highlight and bring attention to parts of a design and adds additional dimensions to the printed surface.

Glitter U.V. comes in a multitude of colors and glitter particle sizes. This product is great for dressing up the printed image and only requires the imagination of the artist/designer. Glitter U.V. is designed for spot application only.

Glow-in-the-Dark U.V. coating is a wonderful medium for special applications illuminating highlighted printing areas. The lighter the printed color, the more glow-in-the-dark ink is illuminated. Designed for spot application only.

Scratch Off U.V. is often used for contests, drawings, etc. requiring scratching off coating for the awarding of prizes, cash, and other rewards. Requirements for use:

  1. Under the area to be printed, screen back images by at least 40%.
  2. Try to avoid using dark inks under area to be coated. Instead, use light colored inks.
  3. Scratch Off ink coverage area should be a minimum of 1/8″ larger than printed area.

Designed for spot application only.

Scratch and Sniff inks create a scent when scratched or rubbed. Potential applications include books, magazines, return mailers, labels, and postcards. This process is applied to coated paper in a spot application only. Many scents are available for your creative needs; call for details.

Textured Coatings are available in reticulated gloss, satin, fine/rough grit matte, and micro/macro textured matte. Textured coatings provide tactile textured appearance and feel to printed material.

Thermochromic Ink technology is a heat changing ink. Thermochromic ink exposed to heat or human touch will activate ink changing from color to clear. Many colors are available. Call or email us for list of colors.

High Profile (or raised U.V.) coating ink gives a printed piece a high gloss finish with an embossed look, without leaving an impression on the back side of the printed piece. This allows for coating on both sides of a printed piece.

  • Can be applied to coated or uncoated stock.
  • Recommended for stocks heavier than 100# text litho.
  • Can be applied to one or two sides of a sheet.
  • Available in gloss only.
  • All inks and varnishes must be U.V. compatible.
  • Avoid using aqueous coatings with raised U.V. coating.
  • Raised U.V. ink has a brittle or cracking nature with limited flexibility. For this reason, avoid embossing, scoring, folding, or cutting through ink.
  • Raised U.V. is not designed for fine detail.
  • We recommend consultation with design layout.
  • Image areas should not exceed 1″ x 1″.

Water Based Coatings Adhesives

Remoistenable Glue

Suggestions for running:

  • Requires full press sheets. A mock-up is needed, as well as a ruled sheet.
  • Weight of paper stock ranges
  • from 70# offset text to no more than 10pt. Cover. Light weight stocks may have issues with wrinkling and should be tested prior to running live jobs.
  • Width of glue is from 1/4″ to 3/8″.
  • We recommend using uncoated text and suggest all areas of the printed page that will contact the remoistenable glue be knocked out.
  • Allow a minimum of 36 hours cure time after application for the best bonding of glue.
  • Jobs to be folded should be submitted to demonstrate folding layout. Gate folding is not recommended.