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These coatings are all applied with a silk screen system, meaning that we can apply images that are in registration to our press sheet. This is called "pattern gluing".

Remoistenable Glue

Suggestions for running:

  • Requires full press sheets. A mock up is needed, as well as a ruled sheet.
  • Paper Stock range is from 70# offset text to no more than 10pt. Cover. Light weight stocks may have issues with wrinkling, and should be tested prior to running live jobs.
  • Width of glue is from 1/4" to 3/8".
  • We recommend using uncoated text, and suggest all areas of the printed page that will contact the remoistenable glue be knocked out.
  • Allow a minimum of 36 hours cure time after application for the best bonding of glue.
  • Jobs to be folded should be submitted to demonstrate folding layout. Gate folding is not recommended.

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives

Suggestions for running:

  • Gluing may be done in particular areas, or patterns (usually multiple images) on full press sheets.
  • Requires a film positive.
  • Run in small lifts so as to avoid "blocking". Requires 24-36 hours dry time prior to die cutting, flat bed cutting, scoring, etc.
  • We require a drawn-down sheet, and an actual press sheet with proposed glue patterns.
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