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Web press sheets to be laminated

Sheets cut from web press runs typically do not lay flat. When laminated, these sheets have a propensity to wrinkle, curl, or blister. Waste factor is higher with web printed sheets, along with extended press time.

Digitally printed sheets to be laminated

Digitally printed sheets that have a fuser oil based ink or oil based toner require both a 24 hour dry time once printed and a special digital film designed to stick to these inks. This digital film is a lot more aggressive than our standard films, thus producing an extremely aggressive bond.

Aqueous coated sheets to be laminated

Aqueous coating reduces the bond strength of laminating films to paper, and is not recommended for some applications requiring a strong bond, specifically case or hard bound books and ring binders. Some options include:

  • Not using an aqueous coating on projects requiring laminating.
  • Asking your aqueous provider for an aqueous primer that is compatible to laminating.
  • When using aqueous coating with laminating, leave a minimum of 1/2" clearance from the edge of the sheet without an aqueous coating. In addition, allow 1/2" clearance of inks to edge of sheet with one side laminating.
  • Metallic inks can affect the adhesion of film, especially with case or hard binding and ring binders. Imitation metallic inks are recommended.
  • With high speed copies, using thin paper can lead to paper waves or unevenness with laminating. We suggest using thicker papers (28/80#) to avoid this.
  • Two side laminating with a sealed edge is recommended for 3mil films and thicker. 1.7 mil is not recommended with a sealed edge.

Tech Specs

For laminating technical specs, please see the One Sided and
Two Sided


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