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Index Tab / Mylar / Reinforcing

Typical uses: using your pre-printed sheets, we mylar, die-cut, reinforce and three-hole drill your job. If you prefer, we can die-cut (1/2" or 3/8" tabs). If you prefer mylar on your tabs, either
clear or 15 colors are available.

Minimum sheet size is 6" x 9" and maximum is 12" x 14".

Standard Requirements

  • For tabs with body copy, use heat set wax free inks.
  • Printed jobs on coated stock with heavy ink coverage are subject to problems when laminating the tab. Potential problems can include lack of mylar bond, blistering or bubbles, and cloudiness.
  • To eliminate potential ink problems, samples can be produced for approval.
  • Standard index tab height is 1/2". 3/8" is also available upon request. Only one tab shape is standard. Call for details.
  • Tabs with a reversed color bar must be between 1/16" and 1/32" smaller than the tab height required.
  • All index tab layouts need a margin of 1/4" from left to right to ensure proper tab positioning

Corner rounding of ID Badges / Event Passes

Choices: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2"


Sizes: eyelets in black or gold, 5/16" (inside diameter), grommet sizes are available only in 1/4" (inside diameter), silver or gold.

Transfer Tape / Kleen Stick

Typical uses: transfer tape is used where one desires the application of a peel-off tape to be later used for return mailers, shelf talkers, window stickers, or any usage requiring sticking to a flat surface. Removable tape is used for easy removal of tape at a later time. Permanent tape is used where an aggressive adhesion is needed. An example is the use of pads on the front of point-of-purchase displays—held in place by permanent transfer tape.

Pouch Laminators

Typical uses: we carry both 4" and 12" pouch laminators. Simply load each piece to be laminated into the pre-formed pouch, and send it through the machine.

Sizes/typical items: up to 3.5" Wide. Examples: i.D. Cards, backstage passes, company IDs, index cards.
Sizes/typical items: up to 11" x 17". Examples: small card size to menu size.

Glue mounting / easeling

Point of purchase displays are a specialty of Scott Laminating & Finishing! Typically using 40 point chipboard, we always back line with white 80# litho stock, so curl toward the front cover is never a problem. We die cut our own easels and have many sizes to choose from to meet your point of purchase display needs.

A new specialty from Scott Laminating & Finishing is laminated place mats with a rubber backing. Called occasionally change mats, or counter mats, these are used in any location with high retail traffic such as auto parts stores.

Scott Laminating & Finishing is a BBB Accredited Printer in Nashville, TN
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