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Perfect Binding generally requires that the front and back covers lay absolutely flat, even after all stages of production—from printing to final trimming and boxing. Because moisture of paper can vary so much from paper manufacturer to boxing, the proper type of laminating is imperative. Nylon ("lay flat") film is recommended for perfect binding. Nylon film is permeable in nature, allowing moisture to escape through the outer layer. This important feature is what causes perfect bound books to stay flat—even on a display shelf—and never curl. This fact is guaranteed by the manufacturers of the film. Nylon films come in both gloss and matte. Wax-free inks are recommended to promote optimum adhesion.

Case Binding, or hard bound binding uses primarily polyester films, available in both standard gloss and matte, or in glueable/stampable in clear only. Selection of either film is dependent on the type of glue to be used in the casing process. Most animal glue requires the usage of glueable/stampable (PETGS) films, where white glues allow standard polyester (PET) films. Wax-free inks are recommended to promote optimum adhesion.

Saddle Stitched books are successfully done with almost any film including polypropylene films. Polypropylene (OPP) films are crystal clear in gloss, and have a very consistant look in matte. More prone to scratching, stretching and curling, OPP films are economical and are used in many applications.

Plastic Coil and Wire-O binding utilize all three types of laminating films. Where curl of the covers might be a concern due to excessive moisture and lack of air conditioning, nylon would be recommended film.

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